Welding in Vicenza

A reliable company located near Vicenza for the welding of all types of materials.

Welding in Vicenza

Located near Vicenza, over the years, our company has developed accurate knowledge in processing and welding metals.

Among the processes we carry out near Vicenza, welding is one of the most important for assembling metal pieces thanks to the gradual melting of the base metal. That way, it is possible to ensure the continuity of the material properties of the joined parts: this is the essential feature of this process. Obviously, heat is the power source.

We perform different types of welding, both traditional where the joining material is melted, as well as brazing where two pieces are joined by using a third material, called filler material.

Our company near Vicenza has also been performing an oxyacetylene welding for years. Acetylene, a special hydrocarbon, is melted in a very oxidizing environment where the reaction with oxygen occurs.

Near Vicenza, we treat different types of materials with this type of oxyacetylene welding:

Soft steel: it is commonly known as “iron” and it is a ductile and malleable metal with a 1,510° melting point.

Cast iron: it is an iron and carbon alloy which is now widely used in the automotive and building industry.

This alloy stands apart for its excellent mechanical specifications as it is easily castable and forming. Its melting point ranges from 1,050 to 1,200 degrees depending on the percentage of carbon and other elements in the alloy.

Brass: it is a copper and zinc alloy. It is more difficult to melt it because the metal oxidizes and some gas is absorbed by the metal under melting.

Aluminium: when it is pure, this metal has a silvery-white colour and is both malleable and ductile. Aluminium makes a good conductor of heat and its melting point is 657°. Aluminum oxidizes easily and forms aluminum oxide that melts at about 2,200 degrees.


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