Flanges and rings

Flanges and rings to reinforce and couple permanently mechanical parts.

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The main function of flanges and rings, which are widely used in the manufacturing industry, is to join pieces together.

The fundamental difference between flanges and rings is that the rings are usually not drilled and, therefore, are used as a shim on pipes and tanks, while flanges have holes which allow them to be joined and used as a connection among the connectors, tubes or mechanical parts of a plant.

In particular, flanges, are mechanical pieces that make permanent couplings with other pieces, such as two tubes, but the couplings can be removed and, therefore, are not permanent.

Imec produces different types of circular or oval flanges depending on their use.

The manufacture of rings and flanges starts with a straight steel bar that a bending machine bends and makes rounded. Then the ends of the flange or the ring are joined and the piece is worked by the lathe on the four sides or where it is needed. Finally, the piece can be drilled.


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