Structural steelwork near Vicenza

Structural steelwork near Vicenza: an efficient and customized service.

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Since 1978, our company has been working in the industry of medium and heavy mechanical structural steel near Vicenza; we make pieces, machinery and structures starting from the customer’s initial project design: the construction of steel rolled rings and flanges and finished as per drawing, rolled rings for pressure appliances, centre plates, etc.

Our company of mechanic structural steel near Vicenza makes products of steel, iron, aluminum and other materials which are used in various industries: from manufacturing to that building and civil engineering. Our in mechanical steel experience near Vicenza is also known in the surrounding areas and we work both in Italy and Europe.

Our mechanic structural steelworks near Vicenza satisfies even the needs that can arise during operations as we are able to provide customized operations. Over the years, we have supported many customers and we have also improved our experience and updated our knowledge. We have always accepted new market challenges and provided our customers with our knowledge and customized advice.


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36031 Dueville (VI) - Italy
Tel. +39 0444 360618

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