Rolled rings

The rolled rings: how to join tubes safely and reliably.

rolled rings-SEOOur company manufactures different types of rolled rings with various technical specifications following a precise and accurate working process. The rolled rings join tubes or are used to close pressure rings; this is why they must be solid and resistant. Imec manufactures rolled rings for third parties in the chemical, food, paper and pharmaceutical industries.

Rings are made with a bending machine equipped with several rollers that press and spread different types of materials to obtain conical and cylindrical pieces. The company is equipped with different types of bending machines; therefore, we can produce rolled rings of different thicknesses and measurements according to the customer’s needs.

The rolled rings are mainly made of stainless steel to give a high level of resistance and durability. Rings are made in Aisi 304, Aisi 316, Aisi 316Ti, Aisi 321 steel, Duplex stainless steel with specific properties of the steel alloy. We also produce iron and carbon rings.

The rolled ring is made starting from a minimum diameter of 360 mm made from a square plate of 60 x 60 or with a minimum diameter of 900 mm with a stainless steel square plate from 120 x 120.

After being finished, the rolled ring goes to the welding department where qualified personnel joins it by means of different types of welding. The MIG welding (Metal-arc Inert Gas) uses the continuous wire process and uses welding gas so as not to produce slag. We also use TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding and submerged arc welding that we use according to the material thickness.

After bending and welding upon the customer’s request, we carry out the turning up to a diameter of 3,2000 m and possibly drilling according to the drawing.

Our production of rolled rings is very flexible: our customers can choose to have rolled rings or finished rolled rings which include rolling, welding and turning, or use their own material for us to work.


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