Structural steelwork near Vicenza

Structural steelwork near Vicenza: an efficient and customized service.

Structural steelwork near vicenza seo

Since 1978, our company has been working in the industry of medium and heavy mechanical structural steel near Vicenza; we make pieces, machinery and structures starting from the customer’s initial project design: the construction of steel rolled rings and flanges and finished as per drawing, rolled rings for pressure appliances, centre plates, etc.

Our company of mechanic structural steel near Vicenza makes products of steel, iron, aluminum and other materials which are used in various industries: from manufacturing to that building and civil engineering. Our in mechanical steel experience near Vicenza is also known in the surrounding areas and we work both in Italy and Europe.

Welding in Vicenza

A reliable company located near Vicenza for the welding of all types of materials.

Welding in Vicenza

Located near Vicenza, over the years, our company has developed accurate knowledge in processing and welding metals.

Among the processes we carry out near Vicenza, welding is one of the most important for assembling metal pieces thanks to the gradual melting of the base metal. That way, it is possible to ensure the continuity of the material properties of the joined parts: this is the essential feature of this process. Obviously, heat is the power source.

Flanges and rings

Flanges and rings to reinforce and couple permanently mechanical parts.

flanges and rings seo

The main function of flanges and rings, which are widely used in the manufacturing industry, is to join pieces together.

The fundamental difference between flanges and rings is that the rings are usually not drilled and, therefore, are used as a shim on pipes and tanks, while flanges have holes which allow them to be joined and used as a connection among the connectors, tubes or mechanical parts of a plant.

Rolled rings

The rolled rings: how to join tubes safely and reliably.

rolled rings-SEOOur company manufactures different types of rolled rings with various technical specifications following a precise and accurate working process. The rolled rings join tubes or are used to close pressure rings; this is why they must be solid and resistant. Imec manufactures rolled rings for third parties in the chemical, food, paper and pharmaceutical industries.


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