P355 rings for tanks

WP 000201

P355 rings, 3200 mm max diameter, 150 mm thick, rolled and full penetration welded with ultrasound controls. 

Turning by vertical lathe, 3200 mm max diameter, milling with CNC portal cutter or vertical working center.

Rolled rings

Rolled rings

Construction of rolled rings with a plate up to 50 mm of thickness with maximum section 120 x 150.
  • Max rolling: up to 50 mm thickness x 2000 mm height
  • Max dimensions: up to 6000 mm diameter
  • Material: carbon, austenitic, martensitic steel and superalloys
  • Welding: TIG , MIG, Submerged arc (with relevant ultrasound controls)
  • Turning: up to 3200 mm


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